Getting there – Prague

Since Delta doesn’t have any direct flights from Denver to Europe, Road Scholar routed me through the Minneapolis airport. It was snowing heavily when I got there, and during my 5.5-hour layover, I had doubts we’d be leaving that night.

Fortunately, MSP knows what to do with snow, and we boarded the plane otime. But two mechanical issues kept us on the ground another 35 minutes, which cut into my already short connection in Amsterdam. And I had to clear customs before I could go to the gate. AMS is prepared for that, or at least that was so on the day I was there. There were people asking when your flight was, and getting you into a quick line if you didn’t have much time.

The customs agent advised me to run, which I did. I just made it. My luggage did not! But I filled out a claim with KLM and they kept me up to date with emails: Your bag did ont arrive, please go to the baggage counter and fill out a claim. Your bag is on a plane. Your bag is in Prague. Your bag will be delivered to the address you provided. And it was, so I only went one night without. I had stuff in my carry-on to get me through at least that long, so no problem. Though I was glad to be able to change clothes!

There are around 25 people in the Road Scholar group, mostly women, from all over the US. Only a few people were traveling with each other, the rest of us are on our own. The hotel is Hotel Petr, which is in a pretty quiet area and conveniently located near a tram stop.

The first night, we had a group dinner, then piled into a bus to go on a nighttime tour of the city. Too dark to take pix, and besides I was prety blotto. I have a hard time sleeping on planes. But it was good to be out and about, seeing some of the sights.

I was glad to hit the bed that night, though.


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