Ireland 4

On our way to the airport, we stopped at Bunratty Castle, restored in the early to mid-20th century. All castles should be close to airports, very convenient! (G)

Ceilings fascinate me.

The top of the castle, achieved by walking up trudging up endless spiral stone staircases. Fortunately they had iron railings. I can’t imagine how on earth the people who lived there did that every day.

Part of the furnishings were very peculiar German lamps or decorations or whatever they were.

This table came from the Spanish Armada, 1588-ish. I am always amazed that anything wood lasts in this wet climate. The castle was interesting to look at, but without taking a tour, which we didn’t have time for, I don’t know the details of anything.

These are turtle shells, in an upstairs kitchen, just off the chambers of the nobles who lived there.

There’s a demonstration craft farm onsite. This cottage was moved from another site, and is used for weaving demo’s in the tourist season. Love the thatched roof.

There were many different sorts of cottages showing how people lived on such estates. One-room, shared by a whole family, to a central room flanked by bedrooms at either end and lofts above them. Most with the thatched roofs made from local materials.

There were some very cute baby goats hopping about.

And lots of crows, building nests.


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