Ireland – Sunset off Doolin pier

We went in search of a sunset over the ocean and drove to Doolin, a small coastal village. The sunset colors weren’t all that bright, but the water was mesmerizing. The tide was coming in, and the wind was strong, making big waves.

I haven’t spent much time by the ocean–there aren’t a lot of them in Colorado! Well, if you go back a few million years there was an inland sea, but I wasn’t there so it doesn’t count. Watching the swells build and dissipate and smash up against the rock, in Ireland, made me think about Irish myth, and Tolkien.

Manannan mac Lir is the god of the sea, said to travel the sea in a chariot drawn by horses that appear out of the sea foam. There’s a scene in “Fellowship of the Ring” where horses appear out of water. The water crashing against and over the rock makes me think of that scene.

Can’t you just see horses forming and striding out of this churned water?

I stood watching this for a half-hour or so, on the wild Atlantic coastline.

The rock is the limestone of the Burren.